What To Wear... Fall Family Portrait Style!
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Friday, October 06, 2017
By Campli Photography
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I'm happy to report that we get asked this question quite a bit during October.  Tis' the season for the beautiful Autumn weather we Pennsylvanians love.  After all it may just be the reason you moved to the state in the first place. Or, If you're like me, and were lucky enough to be born in the Philadelphia Main Line area, you just never left. 

So way back in the 90's we were on a rant about wearing matching outfits, everyone in the same two colors and so on. We have evolved past that now in 2017 to show more individuality.  Most parents who try to tell their teenagers what to wear all of the sudden have a kid who no longer wants to be in the family picture.  If however, they get to pick out some of their own favorite outfits within reason, they will be happier about spending an hour with the family.

So let's break it down to simple pointers.  Everyone wants their portrait to look un-posed or believable.  Start with outfits that look good next to each other but don't look overly matching or contrived.  Start with a palette of fall colors and then improvise a little.  A plaid shirt is great on a boy or teen, while his dad sticks to more solid colors.  Layers are great. They look neat but natural.  Different lengths are good too.  Long dresses, skirts or pants for mom, mixed with jeans for the girls is awesome.  Stay away from shirts that just came from a starched pressing, they just crinkle and look bad in a portrait. When you just can't decide, lay them all out on the floor like mannequins and use your own sense of style.

Lastly, when you are thinking about what to wear, don't forget about props.  Props can be anything like a hat, scarf or the family dogs. Even that vintage car you have tucked away would be an awesome prop. Whatever your idea, making your portrait more fun and memorable is the goal. Let's talk about the possibilities.

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