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Wednesday, August 12, 2015
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Val, Christy and I decided to take a bike ride down the boardwalk in our beloved Ocean City. We just needed some tomatoes and some other veggies, so we headed to the weekly farmers market.  This is our second week of fun in the sun, and we just have a few days left.  On my ride today, I noticed some changes from last week.  The crowded island has a few less weekly renters, but it is still home to a rather intriguing group of morning bikers.  I'm sure we've all shared the same shore experience; watching young families navigate the uneven boards with their children on training wheels, as senior citizens shake their heads and exclaiming, "darn their generation!" Teenagers speed past the middle aged love birds who yell at them for being dangerous. Groups of twelve crowd into a surrey and try to beat their cousins who speed past, obstructing the bike lane in their surrey, all for a grand prize of Brown's donuts. Of course for consellation, the runner ups would be given Johnson's Carmel Corn.  As I peacefully ride north from 22nd street to my exit on 6th street, I look around and Christy, who, as usual, is blocks ahead, nowhere in sight.  Val is right along side me, striking up conversation with our neighbors from home, who also enjoy summers down the shore.

As I decend the ramps on 6th street passing Wonderland with very fond memories of my childhood and my children's childhood I hear loud drills called out. This is when I realize we are close to the end of summer. It is the Ocean City High School football coach with his squad  out on the practice field. I hear the call,then the banging of shoulder pads on the sleds.  I think, wow it's already that time of year.  As I pass the field Val and I both notice the same two cheerleaders walking toward their practice. One chews her gum, the other has her cell phone up in the air while walking, with the camera on selfie mode, as she fixes and re-fixes her hair.

We end up at our destination of the farmers market, lock up the bikes and get a few goodies including a Key Lime pie to get ready for something called "the best day ever."  This day starts at noon with Blitz's mini burgers on the beach and goes until after dark with that famous pizza for dinner. The crowd continues to grow every year and will surely be a memorable one today. 

Make the best of your last few weeks of summer 2015

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