Meggie and Gordon at Aronimink Golf Club
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Wednesday, May 10, 2017
By Campli photography
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Meggie is the second beautiful bride I have had the pleasure to photograph in the Mongan house.  However, in a phenomena that has been reoccurring more often lately, I also had the honor of photographing Meggie's parents wedding way back when I began my career in 1981. To say that this family just has a special way about them is an understatement.  They are simply the nicest people ever, thoughtful, kind, considerate and best of all a boatload of FUN!  From my view, when the handsome groom Gordon entered the day, things even got better.  It was the first time I met his family and they fit right in to the category of  "really nice people".  Gordon, or Gord, or Gordo, (all of the different names I heard from his friends and family) is the calming force for his bride.  When she was ready to just wade into the creek in her boots and wedding dress, her groom looked over and smiled, but decided not to do the same in his tuxedo.  Brother Bill on the other hand had no problem with the thought of going in with his sister. (side note: photographers did not go in the water... just too cold!) 

After a beautiful wedding at St. Patrick in Malvern, we took a little drive along with the awesome wedding party to Bartram's covered bridge on Goshen road for a photo shoot. Mother nature gave us perfect lighting which makes our job a dream.   After our stop we continued on to Aronimink Golf Club for a beautiful reception.  Meggie and Gordon entered the room to a huge roar from family and guests.  In typical Meggie fun style, she entered the party wearing her Navy t-shirt showing her new last name proudly on the back.  One of my favorite small surprises of the day was our adorable flower girl Reese, who entered the reception in her daddy driven remote control car completely tricked out with cans dragging off the rear bumper.  Matteo and I both remarked to each other about the great energy in the room and how the father of the bride's speech was so well done. The bride and groom's cake was a duplicate of Meggie's parents cake of the 80's, however Meggie and Gordon got to cut theirs with a Sabre.  Congratulations to all and thanks so much for having us along to record your memories. Hope you enjoy a look at a few highlights 


St. Patrick church

Aronimink Golf club

Allure Films- Video One

Tish Long florals

Party Wave Band

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