Jeff and Kaitlyn
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Tuesday, March 10, 2015
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It is so hard to keep a secret!  We got the call from Jeff about 2 weeks ago that the time was near for him to propose to Kaitlyn.  He wanted us to be there to capture the moment. He originally planned next Saturday, but then he couldn't wait. Since David and Matteo were booked for a wedding, Neville was called in for duty. Jeff had the idea that Neville could be pretending to be photographing the arch at Valley Forge, when they would be casually walking the dog.  Then the big moment happened.  She Said YES!  Jeff wisked Kaitlyn off to a Tecca, where family and friends were waiting to see them.  What is so meaningful for me, is that Jeff has been a long time subject of my cameras. I have been photographing him since he was a kid.  Best of luck to these two as they plan for the future together.

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