Franklin Commons BarMitzvah Phoenixville
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Friday, February 05, 2016
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People who made it happen

Ben had a blast at his BarMitzvah. From my standpoint Ben seemed like a very quiet kid, but that changed quickly as the party heated up. At first, everyone does what the photographer asks when it comes to doing photos before the service at temple. We started with charming portraits of Ben and his awesome siblings and his family.  Since it is common practice, I packed up my bags of equipment and headed out for little break in the action. I met everyone again at the party and from that moment on, Ben and his parents had the time of their lives! When Ben was introduced to the crowd by the EBE team the place went wild. A highlight of my evening for sure!  The decor that Eventricity came up with was perfectly suited for Ben as you will see in the photos.  It was my first time photographing at Franklin Commons, and Kim did a fabulous job making the guests feel comfortable. Mazel to Ben




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Adrienne Neithardt - We had a wonderful time! Thank you to all the vendors who made it possible! David the pictures capture what a great time we had! Beautiful event that we will remember forever!