Fall on the Main Line
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Tuesday, October 25, 2016
By Campli photography
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Fall is happening right now on the Main Line! The colors are starting to turn, the weather is getting chilly. Make the call today to arrange a perfect time for your family portraits. Here at Campli Photography, we have experienced this season over 26 times. We know just how to handle the lighting and all the details to making a professional portrait feel just like a casual day in the park.

Today's portraits have come a long way since the stiff poses of the 80s. We want you and your family to have a blast together during the session. But at the same time, you expect perfection. The girls have to look just right with their handpicked outfits, and the boys want to look natural, not overly staged or coiffed. So just how do you go about planning the session? Pick up the phone and give us a call. David has been photographing families for years! His entire career has been about making people feel comfortable in front of the camera. Don't stress about it, let the kids be involved in the planning. Most girls love to be included in decisions about what to wear and where to have the photo session take place. Make it someplace that has meaning to you. Even your own backyard! What about that local park your kids grew up going to. We are open to just about anything and anywhere.

There is just one thing to be concerned about. Schedule very soon! We should have great foliage until almost Thanksgiving, but there is no guarantee of just when the leave will be gone. Two of our popular week days this year are 11/1 because many catholic schools have the day off, and also, 11/11 because most public schools are off. Weekends are great for family time too.

Our studio handles all phases to helping complete the portraits too. On your return visit to the studio, we will help with selections, portrait sizing, even holiday cards. We don't believe in snapping some photos and making you do the rest. Our top notch software will scale your portraits directly to the walls of your family room, so you choose just the right sizes for the right rooms. Your holiday cards can be custom designed to your specs, or pick from a Kramer Drive collection.
Call Jenny, Valerie or David at 610-889-0189.Or studio@campliphoto.com to find a date.

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