Britt and Adam are engaged!
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Sunday, November 15, 2015
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Val and I had a  great weekend trip Hudson Ohio to do several wedding things with our newly engaged daughter Brittany, and her fiancé Adam.  It still seems weird to think that life has moved so quickly that we have a kid getting married, but it has.  Anyway, it was a great weekend!  One of the highlights was making the official engagement portraits.

 Things are different when you are photographing family. You are no longer the outsider, just looking in for an hour or two,  it's  much harder, because you are being directed by people who call you dad, husband, future father in-law. Along with our art director, Val, we set out to find some beautiful areas to use as our background.  My favorite part of the session was watching Adam and how he responded to the Campli team.  He was a trouper all the way through. Adam  gave  up on the idea that he would have any control of this situation. The funny thing for me was watching him do whatever I asked as his photo coach, but then he made it his own, and starting having fun!

You will see that Britt and Adam are not the only stars of this show. Rocco is the beloved dog of this couple, and let me tell you he is very special to both of them. I love watching how important he is in their lives and he really does make a great addition.  The other very important thing to these two lovebirds is Rugby!  They both played it for years, and now are coaching in Hudson. The Hudson girls are lucky to have two young coaches that are so passionate for the game and who care so much for the future of their program.   

As the plans continue for Adam and Britt for their  September 2016 wedding, I just want to share some of Britt's favorite images from the photo shoot, and as a proud dad, I am excited that I will get to play host at a wedding, and have a dance with this very special girl I call "B"

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Barbara O'Keefe - Beautiful! See so much of Val in Brit!
Nice to see her so happy.
Amy Gleaon-Goodrich - Adore them!! My absolute favorite is the nose scrunching one. ❤️❤️❤️Job well done by the photographer, quiet (or not) behind the scenes stylist, and the happy couple.